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December 14th - Freebies!

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Miniature Golf by GenieLutz on Pixabay
December 14th is... First Miniature Golf Course Opened (1867), Buy a Christmas Tree Day, Nostradamus (1503), National Bouillabaisse Day, Alabama Entered Union/Alabama Day (1819), American Revolution Birthday (1774), NASCAR Birthday (1947), South Pole Discovered (1911), Halcyon Days, Monkey Day/Day of the Monkey/International Monkey Day/World Monkey Day, Free Shipping Day, Roast Chestnuts Day, Christmas Jumper Day, Yoga Day, National Biscuits and Gravy Day, National Screwdriver Day, St. John of the Cross' Day, St. Spyridon's Feast, Local Charities Day (UK), Panto Day (UK), Police Day (Bahrain)
MORE (2nd Friday): Official Lost and Found Day, National Salesperson's Day
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Image: The Minibook of Minigolf, by Tim Hollis (Author). Publisher: Seaside Publishing (April 14, 2015)First Miniature Golf Course Opened (1867)
-- The earliest form of an 18-hole miniature golf course on record was at the Ladies Putting Club of St. Andrews in Scotland in 1867. Ladies were not allowed to swing golf clubs above their shoulders at the time, hence the creation of the 18-hole putting green called The Himalayas, played with a putter on real grass. In 1916, miniature golf -- then called Garden Golf -- had found its way to the United States when James Barber's Thistle Dhu putting course opened in Pinehurst, N.C.
Read: The Minibook of Minigolf
-- Dinosaurs, octopusi, ghosts, mermaids, dragons, rocket ships, castles, and more! The Minibook of Minigolf takes you on a wacky and wonderful tour of miniature golf in the southeast, where it has always been most popular — and where it began in 1925: at Tom Thumb Golf on Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee, the birthplace of the game. Enjoy this trip through southern states and classic American memories — then get out on the road, find the nearest course, and play a round or two!
Image: Party Hurray Children Golf Set, with Golf Clubs, Practice Holes, Floral/Animal Obstacles, Golf BallsMini Golf Set -- Cute and colorful golf set ideal for children. Comes with six cute creature obstacles (bumble bee, flowers, snail, frog, crocodile), two putters, two animal shape practice holes (turtle and beetle), two golf balls. Great for both indoor and outdoor golfing fun
Paradise Treasures Kids Golf Set -- Get the whole family in on the fun of this great game combining the challenge of golf with the game of pool. Just roll out the green mat (similar to the fabric found on a pool table top) in the den, finished basement - any level surface indoors, velcro the rails along the edges, and take turns shooting the balls into the pockets - just like the real thing.
Golf Coloring and Activity Books

Image: Mini Golf 3D | includes 18 holes of varying difficulty with simple to use interface, great 3D graphics

Mini Golf 3D

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Buy a Christmas Tree Day
- Will you buy your tree from a local lot - or will you trek out to a tree farm and chop it down yourself? When do you put up your Christmas tree?
Nostradamus (1503)
- French physician, best remembered for his astrological predictions (written in rhymed quatrains), was born Michel de Notredame, at St. Rémy, Provence, France on December 14, 1503. Many believed his book of prophecies actually foretold the future.
National Bouillabaisse Day
- Celebrate by having a bouillabaisse dinner party! Gather the whole gang together for a simmering pot of bouillabaisse. Get the crusty bread ready and eat this meal the traditional way by sopping up the delicious broth with the crusty bread.
Alabama Entered Union (1819)
- On December 14, 1819 Alabama entered the union as the 22nd state.
American Revolution Birthday (1774)
- The first military operation of the American Revolution took place at Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1774.
NASCAR Birthday (1947)
- The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a family-owned and -operated business venture which sanctions and governs multiple auto racing sports events. It was founded by Bill France Sr. on December 14, 1947.
South Pole Discovered (1911)
- The elusive object of many expeditions dating from the 17th century, the South Pole was located and visited by Roald Amundsen with four companions and 52 sled dogs on December 14, 1911. All five men and 12 of the dogs returned to base camp safely.
Halcyon Days
- In the myth of Alcyone, Halcyon Days are the seven days in winter when storms never occur.
Monkey Day
- Primarily celebrated with costume parties intended to help draw attention to issues related to simians, including medical research, animal rights, and evolution. The holiday also cuts across religious boundaries and provides opportunities to share monkey stories.

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