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Debunking Food Safty Myths

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog

Debunking Food Safty MythsI know September is over, but better late then never on getting this important information out! ;)Food Myths Debunked! Over the years we have all heard advice related to food safety and preparation, much of it from word of mouth, or a simple Google search online. But how much of what we hear and read is actually true?
To help consumers protect themselves and their families from food poisoning,
the Ad Council, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, FDA and CDC and their Food Safe Families campaign as well as the Partnership for Food Safety Education are setting the record straight on food safety to save you time, money and most importantly, peace of mind, that your food is safe for your family’s consumption.
MYTH #1: “If I microwave food, the microwaves kill the bacteria, so the food is safe.”I personally do not use a microwave much so this one I'm not 100% on. I'm going to guess that is does not.  MYTH #2: “Of course I wash all bagged lettuce and greens because it might make me sick if I don’t.”I don't think it will make me sick if I don't, but I do wash all fruits and veggies with water and sometimes vinager before eating and feeding to my family. MYTH #3: “I don’t need to use a food thermometer. I can tell when my food is cooked by looking at it or checking the temperature with my finger.”Well I know this is not ture! I alway use a food thermometer, always!  MYTH #4: “I can’t re-freeze foods after I have thawed them – I have to cook them or throw them away.” I'm not sure on this one. I generally eat or toss if I have thawed it out already.  Debunking Food Safty MythsGood to know that I don't have to wash my baged salad! ;) I think I was right about the others. Were you? For more info check out the sites listed below: 

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