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Deborah Ann Woll ‘Excited’ About Jessica’s Future Love Interests

Posted on the 15 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Deborah Ann Woll ‘Excited’ About Jessica’s Future Love InterestsLast night we saw Hoyt rescinded Jessica’s invitation which means that they truly are broken up now. I was very sad to see it, but don’t necessarily think it’s the end for their love; especially since Jason didn’t seem to be accepting Jessica in his home either.  Perhaps Jessica will find her love in Jason, but for the moment he doesn’t want to hurt his life long buddy.

When MTV News ran into Deborah Ann Woll recently, they asked for her commentary on both the state of Jessica and Hoyt, as well as the relationship possibilities for Jessica and Jason and below is what she had to say:

Here’s the amazing thing about our writers, we thought through the first three seasons that they did such a good job bringing [Hoyt and Jessica] together, that they would never be able to break us up,” Deborah revealed. “And then this season, even from what we’ve seen so far, they’ve done such a good job making it look impossible for Hoyt and Jess to make it, so I actually have total faith in them that if they want to reverse it and bring us back together, that they could do it.

But that doesn’t mean she isn’t intrigued by the possibility of a Jessica-Jason romance, as well.

I kind of love the idea of Jess and Jason,” Deborah said with a smile. “It’s fun because they haven’t had much interaction yet, so we’re really going to learn who they are together through this first little experience. I’m excited about it. I hope you guys enjoy it.


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