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"Dear Woman Feeling Called to Ministry" By Ayanna Thomas

By Elizabethprata @elizabethprata

I like what Ayanna Thomas has to say. She makes sense, is humble, insightful, and joyous. Here is the start of her Instagram piece today: Read the rest here.
"I know how you feel. You see so many women around you "stepping into their calling." And you feel this urge to do something too. You scroll your feeds, wishing you could just launch your blog, start a local women’s group, deliver talks at conferences, like everyone else. It feels like you’ll never be able to walk in the gift(s) God has given you and you aren’t really even sure if you’re convinced of what that looks like."
"But let me encourage you with something..."
Read the rest of her encouraging comment, then browse her Instagram account, lots of good stuff!

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