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"Dear Liberal Feminists..."

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

I discovered Matt Walsh back in October and only recently did I find out he's Catholic which makes me respect the man all the more.  He's become a go to favorite of mine and his latest missive, aimed at feminists, is simply outstanding:

Dear Liberal Feminists,

A couple of days ago I wrote about a new feminist campaign called “Ban Bossy.” I won’t rehash the topic, but if you somehow missed out on the latest Outrage Du Jour, allow me to sum it up thusly: some female celebrities and feminist business moguls have come together to invent another petty reason to feel offended and persecuted. This time, they’ve decided that the word “bossy” is sexist.

I dedicated about 1,700 words to picking this silliness apart, which is probably about 1,700 words too Feminismmany. I think, at this point, an exaggerated eye-roll and a loud yawn is all this sort of unbearable politically-correct sophistry deserves.

Yet, from this concocted controversy, a real and urgent issue has revealed itself.

You see, my Ban Bossy post was met with a myriad of comments from feminist women who claimed that, starting from a young age, girls are discouraged from being assertive and opinionated, while boys are lauded and praised for displaying those characteristics.

As the ladies behind Ban Bossy wrote:

“We expect boys to be assertive and confident, while we expect girls to be kind and nurturing. We encourage boys to lead and reward them when they do. When girls lead, however, we disapprove—and our language communicates that disapproval clearly.”

Here we arrive at the encapsulation of nearly everything that is wrong with your movement, liberal feminists:

First, the ugly insinuation that there’s something wrong with expecting girls to be “kind” and “nurturing.” A thousand pages could be written — and probably have been written — on that chilling aspect alone.

Second, there’s what has quickly become the absolute worst thing about liberal feminism (next to your unquenchable enthusiasm for infanticide): the complete dismissal and denial of the unique struggles of modern boys and men.

You intentionally steer the conversation away from the trials and tribulations of the other gender, in order to exaggerate, or entirely fabricate, misogyny and sexism. You nail yourselves to a cross that you’ve carved and built yourselves, and demand that all the attention be given to your own perceived persecutions.

Concentrating for the moment on children, there is no doubt that girls face profound obstacles. Unfortunately, you aren’t apparently interested in attacking the institutions that do the greatest damage to these innocent girls.

If you sincerely intended to be warriors for femininity and champions of female empowerment, you’d dedicate almost all of your considerable resources to attacking our culture’s Unholy Trinity of Misogyny and Exploitation: pornography, Hollywood, and the abortion industry.

You must the read the rest... then find a way to send it to a feminist you know... but be warned, you may want to have medical staff at the ready.

They will likely stroke out.

Make Matt a regular read, you'll not be disappointed.

Carry on.

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