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Dear Kate... What I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

By Aworldfullofprettiness
I've seen these kind of posts doing the round for a good while now, but its not until I sat and thought about what I'd write in one the other night that I realized, actually I do have quite a lot I'd tell my 16 year old self! Although I'm gonna cheat and do a '16 - 19 yr old' one, because I can't remember specifics within a year timeframe...
Dear Kate...
That purple/pink lip balm that you used to buy from Boots and stick on your lips with your friend and wear for school, no, just no. It is thick gunk (it really was like lipstick mashed up!) and you really don't look cool with it on.
All the boys that you used to text, just play it a little more cooler, and drop the obsessiveness 'Why aren't you texting back?' malarkey after 30 minutes of inactivity.
All those nights that turned into mornings spent on MSN messenger chatting to guys, forget them and get your beauty sleep!
That bully at school that held your hands on hot radiators, put glue in your hair and then say 'Oh Dear, we're now gonna have to cut it out' - Just punch her, please!

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The guy that you secretly blamed for you failing your first 2 years at university, it was your fault. You let your heart take over, and subsequently was left with an extra 2 years of study and 2 years deeper in debt! Be strong!
Please don't start university at 18. You're just not ready..
Please PLEASE appreciate and make the most of your time being a student. Towards the end of your studies you'll be excited about joining the working world and earning your own money, but really, its all downhill from there.
Go travelling, please, go travelling! For 3 months, or 6 months, or even a year... do it! Once you get stuck in full time work there really isn't much opportunity.
That blue hair mascara that you used to stick in your hair and give yourself blue streaks... just don't.
Appreciate those who are close a little more.. they wont stay around forever.
That August bank holiday Sunday when you were 18 and had to go to work but mischievously rang in sick so you could stay with a boy, that wasn't cool or mature. Even worse, your mom followed you and found out. Serves you right.
That time when an old school friend who you hadn't seen in 5 years came to visit you from Wales but you didn't book any time off work, so she was left for 3 days to fend for herself whilst you worked. Wise move Kate, wise move.
You'll be chilling in your bedroom at 19yrs old with your cousin and she'll come up with the idea of dying your (natural) copper hair with a dark brown permanent hair dye for 'a change'. Be assertive and don'! This will be the start of hair damage, hair thinning, hair flatness, and a bloody chore every 6-8 weeks of home dyes for the next 10 yrs (and counting!)
Don't be envious of older girls, one day you'll be envious of the younger ones!
Appreciate those long summer holidays from 6th form and uni. They really are the best. Time goes so fast as you grow older which isn't always good (unless there's something big you're looking forward to!).
At 16yrs old your uncle will ask you what you want for Christmas. He will take you into town with your cousin and allow you to pick something. Bon Marche + Cream wooly jumper. Really?
Just be more assertive in all situations. Its ok to say no!
Hope you enjoyed this! I'm 30 next year so this is all my memory would give me on my younger years, although I'm sure there's many more equally embarrassing stories I have stored away somewhere in there!
If you've done one of these posts, link it below, I'd love to read them!

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