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DEAR JOHN John Galliano on Video “I Love...

By Lauramoodley


John Galliano on video “I love Hitler”.

JOHN HOW COULD U? i was so hoping that this would just be a rough patch in his carreer, that the truth would come out and in the end it was all a big media hoax, but John, U really did say those things, i cant describe how disapointed i am, I have loved you for more than 10 years, I have followed you and your work, you were my inspiration.

I dont care when, where or why you said these things, but you have really sadened me.

Recorded on video slurring drunken, pro Hitler words, Galliano has put the nail in his carreer coffin, I can not see how his carrer can bounce back from this at Dior or at his own label.

So for now I bid my idol fairwell, and all the luck in the world, but i an not support this behaviour.

Read my first report on Gallianos Anti-semetic arrest.

xoxo your biggest fan LLM

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