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Dear Friends and Readers…

By Englishwifeindianlife
Dear Friends and Readers…

Hello!! I know, it's been a while!

A couple of days ago I published a message on my Facebook page regarding my disappearance, today I realised that not all of you are on Facebook, so I will repeat the same message here...

I didn't realise it had been so long!! You may have noticed my writing and correspondence has been pretty patchy recently. I have suffered with fatigue (emotional and physical) for the past 10 months or so (especially during that Indian heat wave). Due to this I decided to take some time off from blogging without putting pressure on myself to return. I needed a time to adjust to India and regain my health without worrying about trolls or abuse via my blog. I needed to get back into my natural rhythm and start living life to the full. Several adjustments to my diet, daily routine and spiritual practices later, I am feeling pretty good! So good in fact, I don't think a troll has a chance of spoiling my day. I really needed this time. Since moving to India I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my experiences with you, but I needed some quiet time to fully recalibrate and gain strength after such a huge life changing event (picture a caterpillar warm, cosy and silent inside a chrysalis). Thankfully these days I feel well adjusted and I'm enjoying watching the butterflies dance together in the post summer breeze. Thank you sooooooooo much for your continued support and love. It's really such an amazing feeling to be able to connect with so many wonderful people!!! During the next couple of weeks I will start responding to your emails, comments and even start posting again. You'll be hearing from me soon! I didn't forget about you, my deepest apologies if you have waited for my reply!

Thank you so much again,

Sending love,

Lauren xx

P.S. I usually share extra bits and pieces on my Facebook page, so if you are ever interested in what we are getting up to and you don't see any updates on my blog, please check out my Facebook page!

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