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Dear Fashion Blogger, Quit Being So Narcissistic!

By Ohsocynthia @OhSoCynthia
Dear Fashion Blogger, Quit Being So Narcissistic! Maybe this is a generational thing, but I am becoming increasingly irritated with a trend I see in blogging. Fashion blogging in particular.  See, what I have been taught from the blog world's rock stars and experts is that the Golden Rule of blogging is that Content is King.  If you want to have a "successful" blog (whatever that means to you) you need to provide good content. You will not grow an audience if you are boring and uninteresting.

Dear Fashion Blogger, Quit Being So Narcissistic!

random stock photo to illustrate my point

But it seems to me that what the majority of fashion bloggers consider "content" these days is nothing more than photos of themselves and a bunch of affiliate links.  I wonder, are they just in it because they think blogging is a way to make a quick buck? Unless your name is Jane Aldridge, it's not.  Or is today's 20-something generation just so plain narcissistic that they honestly think that posting photos of themselves and talking about their fabulous personal style is content?
Yes, it's true... you are just cute as a June bug. And I'm sure all of your other fashion blogger friends leave comments about how fabulous you are, in the hopes that you will leave a comment on their blog about how amazing they are! But, how about in-between taking photos of yourself and slathering the post with affiliate links, you interview a local designer. Or showcase an independent boutique you love. Or talk about a trend for the season. THAT'S content, my friend.  How about for a change, you take the camera - and your focus - and turn it outward. 
Just a thought.  Stepping off soap box now. Thank you.

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