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Dear Barry: the L.C's Advice Columnist

Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Hughvw
Dear Barry: the L.C's advice columnistDear BARRY: Our family has a large dog that we'd like to take with us on vacation but there is never  enough room. What can we do? --E.W.,  Charlotte, N.C.

Dear E.W.:  I have heard of people who put their dog in a kennel on the roof of their car. But this can have negative consequences if you ever want to run for POTUS against a Democrat. If you can charge your travel costs to the Government, then the answer is  real simple: requisition a large airliner then, once you are at your destination, arrange for your pooch to be flown in on a separate aircraft along with any items, like basketballs, or chefs, that you may have forgotten at home. --BARRY, Washington, D.C.

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