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Dear Barry: L.C's Advice Column

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Hughvw
Dear BARRY:  As CEO of an international  corporation, I am usually badly in need of a break when we take our annual vacation, but when we get to the resort we've chosen, I keep getting emails, messages and phone calls from the office, even from overseas when a crisis arises there. What shall I do? --C.K. Philadelphia.
Dear C.K.:  Your subordinates are required to brief you about major issues, but you don't have to listen to them,  just nod and say 'uh-huh' occasionally. Above all, make no decisions because that's what's really stressful, because you might screw things up.  Delegate decisions to subordinates: For example, if there's a security crisis in Cairo  leave it to your regional security manager  If he screws up, kick butt or fire him when you return. Meantime, spoil yourself by playing lots of golf with people who always let you win.  Go biking with  your family, all wearing fluorescent pink and green helmets and Instagram some pictures to the corporate magazine, showing how you indulge in healthful activities. Meantime, make sure you go to lots of really nice restaurants and eat healthful foods like lobster, shrimp, oysters and mahi-mahi. --BARRY, Washington D.C.

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