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Dear Barry: L.C. Advice Columnist

Posted on the 10 August 2013 by Hughvw
DEAR BARRY: I have  finally come to the end of  six months of unemployment benefits. I have searched  high and low for a job, without success. What can I do? --VW, Philadelphia
DEAR VW:  I think you should ask George W. Bush, since your woes are all his fault. But, meantime, visit  your local Social Security offices in Philly and say you have back trouble and require disability benefits. Then save a bundle on rent by applying for Section 8 housing, then eat better and save still more on lobster and Philly steak sandwiches with an EBT card.  We have a name for people like you and you should wear it with pride:  leech Democrat voter.  It is Democrat voters  like you who make America great, keep government big and keep millions of government workers employed. You, Sir, are a great American --BARRY, Washington, DC.

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