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Dear Ann Coulter {Allow Me to Sink to Your Level}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
Dear Ann Coulter {Allow me to sink to your level}Dear Ann Coulter,
   I know you make your living from playing the part of the crazy conservative belligerent cousin that no one wants to invite to Thanksgiving & I totally get that! Friends of mine are firefighters who make their living saving people & homes, some are paramedics who make their living saving peoples lives, some are nurses who get you through the worst days & back to health. I get it, everyone has to do something for a living. At the same time I know those same people have special needs kids at home waiting for them. Now I'm not gonna say that I hope you your house burns down or that you get hit by a bus & need an ambulance, I'm not even going to say I hope you have to go to an ER because you are really sick. BUT if you do please remember that:
1. "The fire was just to big & we had to let it burn itself out!"
2. The lights & sirens were broken & we had to drive 25mph to get there. {P.S. I hope its a special needs bus!}
3. "I'm sorry but we are fresh out of pain meds"
   That's what goes on in my head anyway, not what would happen because you know what? The people who do those jobs do them even if the person is rotten to the core. They do them even when someone spits on them, calls them a bad name, & yes even uses nasty words like the R word you keep using! They are professionals, they don't have to sink to your level, they don't say the mean low down things out loud that they would like to sometime....that's what they have me for! :) Hence the graphic to the right. I'm not throwing accusations, just making observations & my observation is that you suck....& kinda look man-ish! I could go on & call you all the four letter words I can think of but I wont. (Don't worry though, I will totally do that, I'll just do it to friends & family instead of polluting my blog with it but rest assured you will be called some pretty bad names, I'm pretty petty at times! Just ask Jenny Mccarthy!) I guess what I really hope you take away from this is not just don't use the R word because your going to use it again. Mainly I just like to put out there suck.
Thanks so much,

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