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Dead Sea Granola

By Ally @allykitchen

Get close to holeee with my first version of dead sea granola! Spiced, nutty and full of flavor & healthy goodliness! Other granolas are blah!

Homemade Granola

Oh, yes, you can buy granola. It can be expensive if you check the more healthy brands. But, why not make your own homemade granola!

Healthy Granola

Healthy granola starts with healthy ingredients. And, this recipe is full of good things for you.

How to Make Granola

It's simple to make granola. Even my toddler granddaughter has helped me make it. It's a fun recipe for kids to do and, boy, what a kick they get out of their results.

The Best Granola Recipe

The best granola recipe starts with the basics. In my mind, yep, it's the oatmeal. Whole oats. And, next, you have nuts. Nuts are essential to a good granola. And, if you're like me, you like a nut almost in every bite.

Easy Granola Recipe

The easiest thing about granola and making it at home is that you control the ingredients. Amounts and types. Sometimes I make an entire big container of whole oats and give away granola to neighbors. Talk about spreading happy!

Crunchy Granola Recipe

There's a natural crunchy to this recipe. It comes from the combination of ingredients, especially the nuts. Having several different textures really makes granola pop on you palate.

Ultimate Granola Recipe

And, the ultimate granola recipe has a lot of different flavors too. Especially spice mixtures. I'm working on a commercial Dead Sea Granola brand, so stay tuned for that.

Granola Recipe

And, like the Coca Cola recipe, I can't divulge the recipe ingredients and amounts for the gourmet brand that I hope to sell worldwide! Yes, I have big granola ideas and dream! And, it all started about six years ago when I was floating in the Dead Sea while visiting Israel!

Granola Mix for Yogurt

Now this granola mix is great for so many things. Yogurt's a no brainer. Sprinkle it on for fabulous flavors. But don't stop there. How about ice cream, using it in cooking and other things that just excite your imagination. You might love these Dead Sea Granola Cookie Mounds too. What a cookie!

dead sea granola
dead sea granola

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