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DC Universe – Will It Be Able to Rival Marvel?

Posted on the 15 July 2015 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

It has eventually started to happen, well actually DC started the universe back in 2013 with Man of Steel but in all honesty I didn’t realize that at the time. I mean come on we had a failed Superman attempt years before that with the awful Superman Returns. So another Superman attempt wasn’t a big thing. Well actually it turns out it was a huge thing!

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?
From next year 2016, DC have slated in 10 films to release in four years. Now that really is making a statement and giving the audience a lot of new characters. Although some characters we may have seen in the past but I am very interested to see how it is all going to play out. Over the weekend because of the incredible Comic Con, Warner Brothers have spoilt us with two incredible trailers for next year’s releases. Those being Batman v Superman and The Suicide Squad.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

Yes I am really posting this trailer again. But watch it. Again. I have actually watched it a few times now, which is probably crazy as I can imagine it being attached to so many films in the build up to the release next year, but it really does look like it’s going to be epic. Let’s hope it can live up to the early hype they have placed around it. The best thing has to be Wonder Woman’s first appearance, we need to kick ass female superheroes!

Since the release of the trailer on Saturday I have seen pretty mixed views on how the film is going to go. But I am very positive and think that what DC are putting together is going to be a very dark journey, which will be a change from the lighthearted and jokes that Marvel have in their universe. I think we need a little bit of a change with some new characters and moments.

The Suicide Squad

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

Now this trailer is even more impressive and fair play to Warner Brothers for releasing it after it had been leaked. Just wow honestly, Harley Quinn is probably the biggest talking point for this one. Yes really, although I do love how teasing they are with the Joker and how you only get a small glimpse. But seriously though would you even begin to guess it was Jared Leto if you didn’t already know?

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

I mean it feels like forever since we had the above photo released at a first look. But to eventually hear his evil voice and how it is all going down is pretty impressive. I like that we now have a little bit more information about The Suicide Squad and more of an idea why it has been set up. Starting to create the links in the universe and how it is going to move forward. I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about this one either, but with that trailer I wish we didn’t have over a year to wait to actually see the film now. So teasing!


Wonder Woman

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

It does feel like forever that we have heard rumours about a Wonder Woman film. Well we will eventually be getting one after her appearance in Batman V Superman. She gets her own outing (and rightly so) before the first Justice League. It really is about time we got a proper female superhero with her own film, yes I know I sound like a feminist with that. But we really have missed out on a proper kick-ass female. The less said about Batgirl in Batman & Robin the better! A lot of hype has already been placed around this, I will be watching closely as we get more for this film in the next two years.

Justice League Part One

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

This is DC’s equivalent of the Avengers, so we get plenty of Superheroes in one film. I guess it is difficult to guess what the story will be like in this one and we will have to see the other three films first which will fill in the gaps and be rounded up in Justice League. Come on you have to be excited about this at the very least?


The Flash

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

This is going to be totally separate from the TV series that DC have launched, something I like keeping the two worlds apart. So it does make you wonder the point of the TV series? But never mind they need a film version I guess to help with the characters for Justice League part two. I guess it will not be anything like Flash Gordon, which lets face it still has a bit of a cult following.


DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

A totally new superhero in terms of films and I must admit that my knowledge is not fantastic of this one. Other than I just bought the character on Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, yes I am still pretty obsessed with that game on my iPad! So that is something these films can all link to really.



DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

Aka Captain Marvel. I am starting to show my lack of knowledge of some characters, but hey that can only be a good thing when it comes to the films as at least I am going to get some new superheroes in my life. You can never really complain about that being a bad thing at all.

Justice League Part Two

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

This will all then link back up to the Justice League, I am guessing the films we get in-between will see those characters joining Justice League?



DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

Another which will be a pretty new outing and I don’t have a massive amount of knowledge but quite an interesting character by the looks of him.

Green Lantern Corps

DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

We are going to get to see Green Lantern again but this one seems very different to the Ryan Reynolds attempt, we will be getting quite a lot of Green Lanterns in this one and this is how far DC have let us in on so far. Was that first film really that bad? Or just misunderstood, I think we’ve had worse superhero films in all honesty.

As we can see DC really have put in a lot of work to the films over the next five years. It has taken them a long time to get their act together to rival Marvel with the Universe but I certainly think it is going to be well worth the wait. Some of Marvel’s may just be getting a little stale now how much longer can they keep the interest up and it all going? I think we are going to see some really dark films from DC and it will take everything to a new level. I certainly do think the films are going to be a lot darker than Marvel opted for. I am very excited to see if the films can live up to hype and create a new universe which we want to be part of, so I think they will try very hard to rival Marvel. But is it too little too late?

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