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Dayeinu, Netanyahu

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Dayeinu to MK Benjamin Netanyahu.
Enough is enough.
it is normal, it is obligated, it is expected. When a Prime Minister is replaced by a new Prime Minister, as bitter as the former PM might be for losing his position, he must pass the reigns graciously to the incoming Prime Minister. Personally he might nto want the new PM to succeed, so he can make his way back to the post as soon as possible, but the interests of the State must come before personal interests. The former PM must do the basic acts of passing the reigns and making sure the incoming PM has the necessary information to do the job.
It was nasty, but it was one thing when Netanyahu only allocated 20 minutes to meet with PM Naftali Bennett to do the "chafifa", the transition and pass over necessary information. There is no way 20 minutes is enough to get a Prime Minister up to speed. Previous Prime Ministers always made themselves fully available to pass along all the info to new Prime Ministers, until Netanyahu did this to Bennett.
Ok, dayeinu.
It was one thing when Netanyahu still has not packed up his clothes and moved out of the Prime Ministers residence in Jerusalem. The State should forcibly remove him, but if he needs a little more time, he should say he needs another week and get out. And he is holding meetings with officials and dignitaries in the house, as if he is still PM. 
Ok, dayeinu.
Now Haaretz is reporting (behind paywall so see Hamechadesh) that Netanyahu and his people have been shredding documents from the Prime Ministers office, illegally, rather than leaving them for official collation and for Bennett's team to use and review.
I do not know if this is true or not, but it needs to be looked into. As bad as Netanyahu's bitter behavior has been, this is beyond the pale.
Netanyahu is not interested in the success of the State at all. He has put his own interests above the interests of the State, and a Prime Minister cannot do that. He might put enough obstacles in Bennett's way to make an already shaky position and coalition that much more unstable, but I hope he won't be rewarded for it. he deserves to be condemned for the way he is handling this transition.
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