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Day One

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

We were in bed by about 9 last night. It started to rain and it's still raining.
Thunder and lightning woke us up a few times. Slept soundly until about midnight and then off and on and up by 5 to sit on the porch.
We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then got to work. The rain thankfully stopped and we were on brick duty. Hauling bricks from on location down to the warehouse. 9 trips of loading and unloading about 100 bricks per truck with 2 trucks going each time. So 1800-2000 bricks moved!
Dakotah worked.on digging a ditch and laying some pipe. He mixed concrete and worked hard.
We just got back from ordering boots! Now eating a late dinner. Then devotional, shower and bed.
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