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Day 48: Tissue Paper Baubles

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Day 48: Tissue paper baublesIt's Christmas!!!
Well, not officially, but today I finished work for the holidays so it feel like Christmas is officially beginning. I honestly never thought this day would come - this has been the longest 4 months of my life. The end of term today meant one beautiful thing - a 12pm finish so I was home to Isabelle nice and early.
That left us lots of time to get a little bit crafty and create something for her grannies' Christmas trees. I had seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect, especially given Isabelle's enjoyment at our previous 'sticky' activities with contact paper (here and here).
It was a very simple activity to set up. I cut some circles out of card, and laid strips of double sided sticky tape across the circles. I cut out smaller circles of red and green tissue paper too, and set everything up on our table.
Isabelle is familiar with the idea of sticking items from our previous activities, so I showed her how this one worked - slightly differently as it wasn't set up on the window - and she was off. It didn't take her long to stick as much tissue paper onto the card as possible, and tried to stick even more on
She was easily able to identify the red and green pieces from one another, and tell me "Sticking a red" or "sticking a green now, mummy" when I asked her.
Once we had finished sticking, she went to play elsewhere while I finished the baubles. I coloured a little piece of card with a silver pen and stuck it to the bauble, before attaching some Christmas ribbon to act as the 'hanger' of the bauble. Overall, the effect looks pretty great and I know that her grannies will love their new tree decorations.
Day 48: Tissue paper baubles
Day 48: Tissue paper baubles
Day 48: Tissue paper baubles
Day 48: Tissue paper baubles

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