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Day 34: Night Time Edinburgh

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildingsNight time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildingsNight time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildingsThe other night whilst on my way home from Brewdog’s Edinburgh bar I came across a few interesting streets in the New Town – not far from the garden from day 27 - which looked quite eerie. There is, I think, something quite weird looking about photos taken at night. As the camera tries to get enough light to capture the image the colours alter slightly, ably abetted by our sodium-bulb street lighting, giving it an eerie red hue. Couple that with the absence of people (I walk down these streets quite often in the morning rush hour) and these deserted red neighbourhoods are a little unsettling, if ultimately quite fascinating – especially with some lights moving and some not.Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildings

Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildings


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