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Day 3

By Teapotshortage @Teapotshortage
Day 3Woke up relatively early had breakfast consisting of cereal and black coffee, blogged, dressed and caught the two buses into Beeston. Received a phone call from Monarch Education asking me to an interview on Friday morning, whilst on my way to a friends house. Was welcomed by Emma and her 7 week old little boy, drank cranberry juice and chatted for a couple of hours.
Headed down to the bakery and treated myself to a cornish pasty before heading over to see Marianne, the little girl I have looked after for the last year. During the month I've been away she's grown up so much, at 2 and a half she's stringing whole sentences together, you can't keep her quiet, every sentence starts with "I can do it because i'm a Big Girl". She gave me a tour of all her news toys of which includes an enormous trampoline, I stayed for tea and then had a big cuddle before leaving.
Found everyone at home on my return, made an effort to console Chris who seems to be having somewhat of a hard time, gave Theo a congratulatory hug for getting his post PHD job for next september and found Boy in bed watching Appropriate Adult on the ITV player.
Headed back out shortly after to Rescue rooms to see Tom's band play. Shared a Teapot with Chris and then spent the rest of the evening abusing the free drink voucher system and smoking cigarettes. First on the dance floor, too intoxicated to care.
Spoke to an overly enthusiastic fresher girl for an age after she attempted to chat up Theo and Boy, they dipped out of the conversation at the first possible opportunity and left me to try and engage with her relentless energy for life in general; so young are these freshers - i feel old in their company.
Finally left around 3 for Kebabs at Typoo on alfreton road. Boy was incredibly drunk and Theo some how managed to swallow a significant portion of his plastic fork whilst eating his chicken and chips (he is currently anxiously awaiting its reappearance, fully aware of the non-digestible properties of plastic).
Arrived home and all brushed teeth in bathroom, like an outtake from The Waltons, then it was all like "Goodnight John Boy" and to sleep we went.

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