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Day 3

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

Breakfast was at 6 this morning. Pancakes and juice. We were on the road to San Marcos and Deura by 6:45.
We stopped by the church to pick up the shoes and shirts for the children. We got to the school early so we waited while they ate breakfast. Then it was time... they sent in about 5 children at a time and we fit them with new crocs and a tshirt that said Jesus loves all the children of the world.
Some were happy and more open to "light conversation" as in beunos dias. Como te llama? Me llamo es Julia. And then bueno? to see if the shoes fit. I could fit in a little more and understand some of what they said but not much.
Now others were very shy and wouldn't speak at all. Some seemed embarrassed by the condition of their current shoe situation or the fact that they had on wet socks about 3 times too big with no toes in them. They would try to hide their feet.
Such precious children of God!
At the 2nd school we painted the girls nails and Dagwood put tattoos on the boys. That was a lot of fun!
I met a little girl named Sadie. She was 11 and loved having her picture taken. Another girl that got me was Naomi. She was maybe 3 or 4.
We got back to the ranch about 4, took showers, had fried chicken with french fries and green beans and an Uva. Yum! There was also bday cake for a young man who came from our church. Spent his 21st bday in Honduras serving others. Special young man.
Laying in bed now at 10:12 about to go to sleep. This should post when I get to the posada for breakfast and have wifi access. Should be here on the ranch tmrw doing construction so excited to see what manual labor I get into then.
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