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Day 29: Bute House

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

Tuesday might have been officially the first day of spring, but it wasn’t until Wednesday morning before we saw the sun shine. In fact, the sun shone pretty much all day. And it was almost verging on warm. About time.

Edinburgh really does come to life in the sunshine. When it rains everyone just puts their head down and ploughs on to where ever they’re going; but when the sun shines people smile and the buildings come to life. And you can look up without risking your eyes getting poked out by a passing edge of a golf umbrella (a corporate branded one, naturally). In fact with the sun shining even the brass name plates on the buildings it looked like a different city from the gray days that had preceded.

Walking through Charlotte Square, the buildings were lit up by the sun. The south side of the square – home to investment companies and Historic Scotland – was positively gleaming in the morning light. The building in the middle of this street – No.VI – in particular caught my eye. With it’s columns and dramatic façade Bute House – the official residence of the First Minister of Scotland – dominates that side of the square whilst simultaneously proving that the sun clearly doesn’t always shine on the righteous.

Bute House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Sun


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