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Day 28: IKEA!!!!!!

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

Last night I went on a shopping adventure. Whilst normally shopping and I don’t mix particularly well, this is one I can get excited about – a trip to the ever bizarre, but always wonderful IKEA.

I know, it’s slightly pathetic, but think of all the things that you find that ‘you cannot live without’ that you’d never even heard of before stepping through the yellow and blue door. Everyone loves IKEA, some people just haven’t admitted it yet. Where as most shops would settle for the enormous warehouse style of downstairs (where it is perfectly easy to find what you need/want) here they have an entire showroom to display all the items as well. My favourite part (yes, I know) is where they have entire flats set up. Some of them are slightly creepy, but on the whole it’s fun to see all their little displays. Like seeing into other people’s house, but without the whole awkward privacy issue. Basically, when I have my own house it will probably look like one of these ‘homes’ – but with lots of things scattered across the floor. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing, on the whole.

Next time you go here’s a game to play – spot the stuff in the house that comes from Ikea. Although, by way of warning, do remember that this can get slightly repetitive for those of us who have to point to every third item on display.

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