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Day 258: Cocktail Taste Test 1

By Ellacoquine @ellacoquine
Day 258: Cocktail Taste Test 1
For the upcoming birthday of Gilles (Séb's father), I have been on the hunt for a special bottle of liquor to bring to him from the States that he couldn't find in France. 
The quest is to find something fun and quirky but still drinkable because he's quiet the cocktail connoisseur where he takes his elixirs seriously. Not wanting to bring him something that I hadn't sampled myself, I've been facilitating taste tests with the few bottles that have caught my eye in the liquor store. My sidekick Kitty had no problem in joining me in creating the perfect novelty cocktail. 
This is what we came up with for our first taste test using Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka.
Cotton Candy Cosmo
2 oz. Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka
2 oz. Perrier or sparkling water
Splash of cranberry Juice
Shake well in a cocktail shaker and pour into a nonpareil rimmed martini glass and enjoy!
Day 258: Cocktail Taste Test 1
The verdict: The Cotton Candy Cosmo is a bit on the sweet side, even with the mild sparkling water mixer, I'm not sure if Gilles - who is adventurous - would want his dessert at cocktail hour. Nibbling on the nonpareils added a nice crunch and certainly would be a conversation piece but think this is much more suited for a ladie's night. The search continues....

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