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Day 14: Painting with Water

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Day 14: Painting with waterToday's activity is so simple, but Isabelle really enjoyed it and for the second day running let out
squeals of delight, today mixed in with "Mummy, PAINTING!"
You might remember seeing my post about creating the art wall in our play room, including a chalk board for Isabelle. Before dinner, she and I were drawing on the chalk board, and after dinner a spillage of water from her cup reminded me of a little picture I saw on Pinterest, and this activity was born.
Using some of our new Tesco paintbrushes and a shallow dish filled with water, I set Isabelle up at the chalkboard and showed her wahat to do. Initially, she just brushed it with a dry brush, but once she realised that 'dip dip'-ing made it even more fun, there was no stopping her. She really enjoyed it, and it is always lovely to see her explore mark making - first with the chalk itself, then with the water.
Simon came to see what we were up to, and was genuinely baffled for a few moments. The water on the blackboard looks like shiny black paint, and it really did
give the impression that she was 'properly' painting on to the wall. Unfortunately, the activity came to an abrupt end when she stepped in the water dish and managed to flick it up and drench herself! Needless to say, she wasn't best pleased about that.
Unlike other sorts of paint, this one is a no mess, no fuss. We used a towel to mop up the splattered water when we were finished, and that was it. I can see this being used as a 'distraction' activity in the future - if I need two minutes to tidy up, or attempt to cook dinner, this would be the perfect activity to keep little madame busy for a few minutes, with minimal set up and tidy up.
Day 14: Painting with water
Day 14: Painting with water
Day 14: Painting with water
Day 14: Painting with water

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