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Day 14: Cookie Exchange {25 Days of Christmas}

By Chandnis80
   It was just another day, dropped my daughter at school, ran some errands, cleaned the house and  sat down with my tea to facebook.................. I just cant wrap it around my head about the killing in CT now, not ever! I was just praying and crying as I read what happened today. My day hasnt been the same since. I just wanted to hold my kids right away. I just cant imagine what the moms and dads are going through right now..... My heart bleeds for every family who lost a loved one. This is why we always tell one another that we love one another before leaving the house. But, it has also taught me not to procrastinate expressing our love. Which is why I baked cookies for my babies today coz my daughter wanted me to bake some before she left for school. I wasnt sure if I was ready to go for the cookie exchange pary later in the eve coz of all that had happened. But im soo glad I went. At last the day did end well.
Day 14: Cookie exchange {25 Days of Christmas}  Today, our time of prayer and devotion was all about being thankful for all the blessings God has showered upon us. We are writing down one thing that we are thankful for each day.  

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