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Day 13: Baking Cookies{25 Days of Christmas}

By Chandnis80
I tried to bake some sugar cookies last year and it was a total disaster :(  So this year I was wary of trying it again, but today my friend who is a pro at it, taught me how to do it. I made another batch as soon as I came home and believe me these tips really helped me to make the best cookies ever! So here are a couple of tips and tricks on how to make the best sugar cookies :)
1. Use the best Ingredients
Since you are taking a lot of effort make sure you use fresh and quality Ingredients :) It sure is worth it!!
2. Handle the flour delicately
Flour affect your cookies' structure and texture. Too much flour will make your baked goods tough and dry. Make sure you dont pack your measuring cup with flour, just spoon it.
3. Measure and follow the recipe
Well this is kinda hard for me coz I ALWAYS eyeball the ingredients when I cook :) But my friend reminded me that following the recipe to the dot will give you the best results.:)
4.Before baking chill the dough
After all the measuring, mixing and tasting the delicious dough (I dont think its safe to eat it tho') you probably are ready to put it in the oven. But don't do it. Make sure you freeze it for about 20 mins or refrigerate it overnight for fuller more delicious cookies :)
5.Store the cookies properly
Place the cookies in an airtight container immediately after they cool. Set the container in a cool, dry place.
Hope these tips  are helpful as you bake during this season.
Well after all the hard work we gave them to our kids to color them pretty :)
Day 13: Baking Cookies{25 Days of Christmas}  We are also making an ornament each day. We are learning the true meaning of Christmas during our Family prayer and devotion time.
Parable of the lost sheeba
Todays ornament: Sheep
Scripture: Luke 15:3-10
Heres the cute Christmasy Sheep that they made :) Cute huh?
 Day 13: Baking Cookies{25 Days of Christmas} After an eventful day we visited my parents where we met my cuz who had seen me when I was a baby just like my baby :) Day 13: Baking Cookies{25 Days of Christmas}  

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