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Day 10: Sticky Tape Web

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Day 10: Sticky Tape WebDay 10 - we are 1/5 of the way through our 50 day activity challenge! This wasn't the activity I had planned for today, but as we lounged about this morning, Isabelle pulled her pom poms out and sat down to start throwing them. She loves to throw balls, and she adores her pom poms, so I thought I would get this activity up and running instead.
It was so easy to set up - I simply used parcel tape to create a 'web' across the door frame, trying to get a perfect balance between gaps and filled in space. As always, I showed Isabelle how it worked by throwing a ball at it, and she immediately got the idea, standing and chucking a few balls. She somehow managed to get every single one through a gap, so I rejigged some of the tape and added some more, then we started up again.
After her fourth or fifth throw, Isabelle realised that some of the balls were going over the top and into the hall, and she really took to this idea. Her aim from then on was simply to chuck the pom poms over the top of the web, which she did happily for ages, until we ran out, and then I was sent to collect them, and then we did the same again.
I got out the ball pool plastic balls to see if they would work, but they were too heavy and just bounced off the tape.
The pom poms were perfect - I think them being 'fluffy' helped them stick well. Isabelle enjoyed throwing those over the top as well, but not quite as much as the pom poms, so we reverted back to using those.
After I managed to throw a few more which stuck, Isabelle decided she wanted to pull them off, so spent a little bit of time poking the tape and pulling the pom poms off, before they too got chucked over the top of the web.
Day 10: Sticky Tape Web
Day 10: Sticky Tape Web
Day 10: Sticky Tape Web
Day 10: Sticky Tape Web
It entertained us both for about 15 minutes, before Isabelle decided she wanted another ride on her ladybird, and that was the end. This activity would be great for older kids as well, and you could easily make it a points game, or add difficulty by marking lines for them to stand behind before they throw. It worked Isabelle's gross motor skills, and her hand eye coordination. She had a powerful throw on her anyway, and loves to throw her pom poms about, so it was an activity which worked really well for her.
Later on in the day we went to try and buy some bits and bobs for our Halloween themed sensory bin, but came away with none as the shops were manic. We did pick up a toy instead for Isaac's birthday, and then had a play at the park before going to visit great-granny. My cousins (who are 7 and under) were also there, and Isabelle had a lovely time cuddling and kissing the big boys, who were very sweet and affectionate to her.

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