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Dawn in Shade- Wolf Sirens- by Tina Smith- Cover Reveal

By Gpangel @gpangel1
DAWN IN SHADE- WOLF SIRENS- BY TINA SMITH- COVER REVEALThere is Darkness before Dawn… The beginning of the end has arrived. The breath taking series that gets better and better with each chapter, takes you on a ride like no other. Under electric skies, the legends have come to life. There is little respite as Lila waits for the brewing storm to break. The wolves continue to spread across the land like a wave, infecting or destroying everyone, leaving terror and death in their wake. Lost to the infection, most of the population is dead or turned. Narine rises to power as the army is decimated. It’s just the beginning of a brutal war. Those left in the turbulence fight to survive in hand to hand combat. Shade descends further into the grips of Hades as the struggle to end the curse escalates to a final battle that will decide the future of the valley forever. Fated to end the curse, Lila bravely faces her destiny.Due for release October 2014. Links: Goodreads; Kindle: Forbidden; Wolf Sirens Fever; Night Fall: Dusk in Shade: Forbidden; Fever: Night Fall: Dusk in Shade: Pinterest: Facebook; Amazon Author Page: Website: ~

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