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David Horsey on the Stand Your Ground Laws

Posted on the 08 April 2012 by Mikeb302000
David Horsey on the Stand Your Ground Laws
David Horsey wrote a wonderful article for the Los Angeles Times
To stifle any incipient sense of security, gun-rights advocates have been busy inventing new laws to solve problems that do not exist. The now-controversial "stand your ground" law in Florida is a fine example of this. Before the legislation was passed, nobody had gotten into serious trouble for using a gun to rightfully defend himself in the Sunshine State. Nevertheless, with the urging of the NRA, the Florida Legislature became the first in the nation to pass a law guaranteeing citizens the right to start shooting instead of running if they feel threatened.
Since the law took effect, the number of Florida gun owners killing someone and successfully claiming justifiable homicide has tripled. This means either that a lot of people had been running away before or that quite a few people are now exploiting the law to bump somebody off and then claim self-defense.
Don't you love that point? Justified homicides tripled. Do you think that many Florida gun owners were retreating before? Does that make sense to you?
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