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David Crowley R.i.p. - Gray State: The Rise - Raw, Uncut Documentary

Posted on the 01 February 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
David Crowley r.i.p. - Gray State: The Rise - Raw, Uncut Documentary
Free Planet is all about a Custodian lifestyle where the race of man leaves as small a footprint upon his home world as possible via his system of floating home Diversities.
This means no more PROFIT, no more PATENT, no more WARS, RELIGION, MARKETING, DOGMA or PRISONS of any kinds. No more borders to fight wars for. No more arbitrary lawsets to adhere to. No more slavery of a global work force in the production of pointless fucking product. Free Planet means a Re-Wilding of the planet and an end to Empire-growing mine, mine, mine...
It's a bit sad that the lauded Free Market Forces mentioned in this Gray State video are the ultimate lie and simply/effectively propagate the Corporate-War-World Chess Game against You The People, but it's worth showing you this naive documentary just so that you can have your mind taken at least this far. Speaking frankly, this Free Planet is not yours to own (you dumb fucker); it's everyone's to protect and share and enjoy and make more beautiful and wild and exciting than its been since hunter-gatherers became enslaved farmers.
Final step is a Custodian-led Free Planet for all... first step, of many, is avoidance or at least awareness of the burgeoning Gray State:
For those who are unaware, 'Gray State' writer/director David Crowley was recently MURDERED!?!?!? along with his family in attempt to silence the truth of the emerging 'police state' from getting out to the masses, one of the latest 'hits' upon watchmen and US Veterans who will not go along with the New World Order 'martial law' agenda. [source GRAY STATE]

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