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"David Cameron Sets out 'emotional' Case to Keep Scotland in UK"

Posted on the 07 February 2014 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
From The Guardian:
The United Kingdom has just seven months to "save the most extraordinary relationship in history", David Cameron warned on Friday, his voice quivering with emotion, in a passionate and personal plea to stop Scotland from breaking away.
The prime minister said was making his intervention because he wanted Scots to realize that England, Wales and Northern Ireland have always done more than their fair share of the housework but that if Scotland is prepared to "just help out a bit more, for God's sake" that the troubled union can survivee.
"We've only ever wanted what's best for the family. It's so important for Scotland to realize that the rest of the family see this as a very important family decision," the prime minister blurted out, his eyes welling up with tears.
In a speech delivered in a kitchen in the Olympic Park in London, Cameron angrily stirred something in a pan which was close to burning and said all 63 million people in the UK had a voice in this year's historic referendum.
He urged people across the country to "pick up the phone" to Scotland to urge it to vote against independence in September.
After setting out the moral, economic, geopolitical and diplomatic arguments against Scottish independence, Cameron said there was "an emotional, patriotic case" that traditionally reticent Brits had been too reluctant to make.
"The guidance counselor told you, you have to come out of your shell a bit and give me more emotional and practical support," sobbed the prime minister "Oh Jesus Christ, dinner's ruined now, look what you made me do."
Cameron is aware he is not the most persuasive voice in Scotland, especially after he broke off his monolog after fifteen minutes, announcing that he was going back to his mother's "until he's got his head straight and maybe you've thought about somebody else for once in your life."
He later sent a text stating that he believes he could not stay out of the argument and has chosen to raise the emotional stakes in the referendum, and also that he'd like some clothes and his overnight bag to be dropped off.

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