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Date and Dash

By Nicelise
Date and DashSome first dates are absolutely amazing and some first dates are awful. Whether you have a great or bad first date, you know for sure if you want to go out with that person again.
For me, a great date involves easy conversation, a little bit of nervousness, eye contact, and feeling a sort of spark in a kiss goodnight that you almost couldn't wait for. After a date like that, there's no question in my mind if there will be a second date.
But what if your date is just ok? Conversation was a bit choppy but alright, you weren't really that nervous, you couldn't help but check out good looking guys across the room, the guy you were out with was a pretty nice guy, but the date didn't knock your socks off. You weren't really sure you wanted the kiss goodnight.
So, do you go on a second date with this guy? On one hand, he is a nice guy and you had some things to talk about. But on the other hand the chemistry didn't seem to be there. A second date could help figure out whether there is chemistry between the two of you, but it could also lead the guy on.
Some people may just not do well on first dates and their nervous get the better of them, which could inhibit natural chemistry. But maybe there just isn't chemistry there.
So if the request for a second date with this person comes in, do you go?
I suppose that a so-so date and second can't kill you, but the more dates you go on the more you lead someone one.
And then comes the issue of first impressions. Will you be able to go into a second date with an open mind or will you be dwelling on the ho hum-ness of the first date?
I think it depends on your personality. If I'm not super excited about going out with someone, I won't go out with them. But if you have the ability to push first impressions to the side and take a second chance on someone, maybe a second date could work for you.
But if you didn't want to kiss that person at the end of your first date and there wasn't a sort of spark between the two of you, regardless of the conversation or lack there of, the innate chemistry might never be there.
xoxo Nickie

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