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#DarkLullaby by @bookhorse

By Pamelascott

The world is suffering an infertility crisis, the last natural birth was over twenty years ago and now the only way to conceive is through a painful fertility treatment. Any children born are strictly monitored, and if you are deemed an unfit parent then your child is extracted. After witnessing so many struggling to conceive - and then keep - their babies, Kit thought she didn't want children. But then she meets Thomas and they have a baby girl, Mimi. Soon the small mistakes build up and suddenly Kit is faced with the possibility of losing her daughter, and she is forced to ask herself how far she will go to keep her family together.


The last time I saw Mimi she was almost one. ONE


(@TitanBooks, 23 March 2021, 300 pages, ebook, copy from the publisher via # NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed)



I love The Handmaid's Tale and the comparisons to this book made me really want to read Dark Lullaby plus I love the title and the cover. A win-win situation. I had such a blast reading this a blend of domestic thriller and science-fiction which works really well. I thought the writing was terrific. The world building is spot on and the characters are fleshed out and really come to life. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

#DarkLullaby @bookhorse

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