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Dark Souls III Review: What We Love Most

By Dudepins @dudepins

The popular game Dark Souls, now finally released in its third version, has risen over the past few years to an almost cult icon status in the gaming community. Dark Souls 3 was initially released in March this year, and is developed by FromSoftware. After its release, the game received positive reviews and what could be called great critical acclaim, with ratings ranging from 8.5 to 10 stars, on average, from the major gaming magazines and so on. Its fans praise the game for its impeccable graphics, immersive storyline, and nostalgic wink to previous games from the same developer. Curious to find out more about Dark Souls III and whether it's something you might enjoy? Here is what you need to know, in a scoopful of main strengths (and downsides as well, immediately after).

Dark Souls III Review: What We Love Most

What We Love Most in Dark Souls III

  1. The Storyline - You are a resurrected corpse (zombie, if you'd like, though the term is not specifically used), brought back from the beyond to defeat corrupt creatures and then trade their captured souls for character, armor and weapon upgrades. The universe you are immersed in really has the power to engage you in multiple ways: it's dark, beautiful (in a haunting way), and the fast pace of the narrative changes keeps you on your toes. You can be looking forward to 70-80 hours of unique gameplay.
  2. The Graphics and Visual Experience - As mentioned above, the universe is really immersive and managed to involve you really fast. The amazing graphics play a huge role in this experience, of course, and critics have described this feature of Dark Souls III as resembling both the previous versions of the game and Bloodborne (another game from the same publisher), only in a much more complex and well-rounded way.
  3. The Sense of a Well-Rounded Series Being Complete - There will probably not be another Dark Souls game released any time soon, or if there will be, it will surely be less successful. Both critics and fans alike saw in Dark Souls III a masterpiece touch, one that brings together storyline and visual elements from the previous releases, in an artful and engaging way. The boss fights are allegedly the best in the entire series, while the signature style and clever nods to the other parts of the game are a delight.
Dark Souls III Review: What We Love Most

Downsides to Consider

  • Frustrating difficulty - Getting through a zone can turn out to be quite frustrating, with bosses and high level mobs who one-shot kill you if you're not careful. If you experience continuous defeat and feel like quitting, read some Dark Souls III guides before calling it a day.
  • Not much novelty - While fans say that the signature style present throughout the entire series, only in a more flawless and composed manner, is what draws them to Dark Souls III, critics say that for this very reason, the gameplay can feel boring. If you're usually into games for their novelty and expect surprises at every turn, then perhaps this isn't your cup of tea.



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