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Dancing Through Deva Worlds of Light

By Luphil

Extremely beautiful videos by John Banks – like dancing through the Deva world. Autumn Architecture Energy “strives to visualize all the interior energy and forms that I sense while experiencing the forest at the peak of Fall. I was not thinking this when making it, but it owes a nod to graphic novel techniques for showing energy as light and lines coming off of objects. I try to utilize the technologies in a way that brings out the character of a scene. It’s obvious, but I like to visualize that essence that I feel in a place. There is a sense of being inside a cathedral or an old castle when walking deep in the Autumn woods….”

Another video, Glow Temple “is the last in a series entitled the Journey Cycle. These short films loosely follow a dreamlike continuum of travels through a lost book. … Ancient alchemical writings move us along to find the key. The goal was to create an experience that would transport you without being specific, hence the unknown language.”

See also his other videos on Vimeo.

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