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Dancing Girls and Other Stories by @MargaretAtwood

By Pamelascott

Pregnant women, students and journalists; farmers and birdwatchers, ex-wives, adolescent lovers - and dancing girls. All ordinary people. Or are they? In this collection of short stories, Margaret Atwood maps human motivation we scarcely know we have.


[A LONG TIME AGO Christine was walking through the park - THE MAN FROM MARS]


(@vintagebooks, 15 May 2012, first published 1977, 240 pages, ebook, borrowed from @GlasgowLib via @OverDriveLibs)



I'm a huge fan of Atwood. However, I've come to realise I like her novels far more than her short fiction. This was a mixed bag of stories for me, some really good and some lacklustre and confusing. The best stories were Betty, Under Glass, The Grave of the Famous Poet and The Sin Eater. The rest of the stories fell a little short. The remaining stories come across as immature and experimental with no real focus and a sense of confusion. At times they even felt very rough and unfinished.

Dancing Girls Other Stories @MargaretAtwood

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