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Dan Miraldi - Love Under Fire EP

Posted on the 09 December 2017 by Ripplemusic

Dan Miraldi - Love Under Fire EP As someone who loves exploring new sounds in music there is something incredibly comforting in knowing that you can always go home again.What does that mean?I'm describing a situation in which you discover an artist you enjoy releases a new collection of songs and you know, music unheard, that you're about to listen to tunes that will reconnect you with what made you love music in the first place.Speaking for myself I recently received the new Love Under Fire EP from Dan Miraldi and sure enough, it helped me return to my original musical happy place.
Thanks to my work at The Ripple Effect I was exposed to Dan Miraldi a few years ago.He had put out a fantastic EP, appropriately titled Tease, which I took great pleasure in reviewing.Sonically Mr. Miraldi expertly mines the classic rock/power pop vein that I identify with based off of the music I was regularly exposed to at a young age.Years have passed but anything this young man releases I find captivating.The Love Under Fire EP is no exception.
"The Sweet Sound Of Protest" explodes out of the gate thanks to its tremendous, rollicking guitar riff."Love Under Fire" brings the tempo down and features drum programming which reminds me of Nine Inch Nails "Closer"."No Words" hearkens back to haunting psychedelic folk rock."Fear Is A Powerful Drug" is a Simon And Garfunkel-esque melancholy-filled acoustic ditty.Closing out the EP "Name Of Love" and "Kids Are In The Street" ratchet the energy level back to dangerous levels with big, rockin' choruses.
Waveriders, if you have a hankering to hear some exceptional new music built upon the extraordinary foundation of 1960s and 1970s rock 'n' roll this EP is for you!Dan Miraldi is a superb singer/songwriter who has never disappointed me with his music.Pick up your copy of the new Love Under Fire EP today!

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