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Dallas Mavericks Win Game 2!!!!!!

By Thefriskyvirgin
Dallas Mavericks beat the Lakers, 93-81--again, on their turf--and are now up 2 games to 0.  As the series progresses, I am finding my game-time behavior increasingly disturbing. 
-I did not sit back in my chair the entire game. Literally, my tush was on the edge of my seat the WHOLE game.
-Soda mysteriously found its way into my cup. (really, how can anyone drink prissy-good-for-you water during a game?)
-I'm finding my nervous belly demands chocolate consumption.
-The post-game jumping up and down is getting higher and higher. I may achieve flying if this keeps going. (On the plus side, I'm confident the bouncing burned off the delicious fat-in-a-can soda, as well as the chocolate).
I swear to you, if I ever have the good fortune to somehow get a second chance at seeing my Mavs play, you'll be able to spot me in two shakes of a lamb's tail--just look for the bouncing girl breathing into the brown paper bag stuck to her face. 
The Mavs came out with the same intensity they had in game one, only more so, if you can believe it. They looked polished, sharp, and determined. They are shocking the basketball world right now...but not me and not devoted Mavs' fans. I said it before, and I'll say it again, they have heart. They CAN do this!
The Lakers still concern me--they are like a sleeping giant, and you never know when they are going to wake up and stomp you down.  Dallas has to play every game just as they did the first two--it's all about heart and intensity. Now, we go home to Dallas.
Ron Artest. Were you trying to behead our J.J. Barea? At the end of the game, Artest smacked J.J. hard in the face. NOT COOL. I was livid. Absolutely inexcusable. He was immediately ejected from the game.  For me, his actions warrant a suspension.  It was beyond foolish--it was uncalled for and needs to be addressed.
I'm so very proud of my Mavs!!! They have earned these wins.
I may NEVER sleep tonight. Far too wired to sleep!!!!! *bounce, bounce, bounce*

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