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Dallas Mavericks Win Game 2!!!!!!

By Thefriskyvirgin
Whoop! Whoop! Can I be any more excited, especially after all the trash talk they received?!
Dallas played brilliantly, dominating both sides of the ball.  Now, they have to go on the road and play the Trail Blazers on their turf.  The series is far from over, but I'm loving this start! Let's keep it up, Mavs!
Side note: Um, did I see EMPTY seats at a playoff game? Huh, did I? How painful is that?! What I wouldn't give to have been sitting right there!!! :( Ugh. Makes me think about the one time I could have seen them play...I would've had to be something and someone I'm not in order to see them, so...I didn't. I watched from home. It was the right decision, I know that. Still...waaaah. I hope I get to see them play in person one day...when I can just be me, a cheering fan.

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