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Dallas Buyers Club

Posted on the 22 November 2013 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy

Dallas Buyers Club A skirt chasing, hate spewing, rodeo hustler (a skeletal Matthew McConnaughey) receives a baffling AIDS diagnosis, is told he has thirty days to live, and becomes a pariah amongst his fellow Texas good ol' boys. Unable to procure the miracle drug AZT, which is being distributed in hospitals through blind testing, and determined not to wither away quietly, he seeks alternate medicine in Mexico. Finding this FDA unapproved treatment suitable, he illegally transports the remedy to sell out of his hometown hotel under the titular associative guise. The Dallas Buyers Club starts as a gritty and excitingly edited work before resorting to more conventional storytelling modalities. It is almost as if the filmmakers knew they had this tour-de-force star performance (and also a really nice turn from Jared Leto playing a transvestite) and rushed the movie out, leaving transitory scenes on the cutting room floor as McConnaughey's character transforms from a remorseless homophobe almost instantly to a redneck Oskar Schindler traveling to the ends of the earth (literally) and even hocking his car to save his infected club members.

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