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Dala Horse Ornaments & Gift Toppers

By Francoisetmoi

If you’re in a wrapping rut this season, try these simple clay Dala Horses which easily take gifts from blah to showstopper in about an hour. Write the recipient’s name onto the back, slip under the bow, and you’re all set. Or add a string onto their backs and use them as ornaments! Dala Horse Gift Toppers | Francois et MoiDala Horse Ornaments | Francois et Moi #holiday #christmas #swedish #clayDIY Dala Horse Ornaments | Francois et Moi

Make Dala Horse Ornaments | Francois et Moi
Dala Horse Ornament DIY | Francois et Moi
To make these bad boys, use the Dala Horse Cookie Cutter and cut out several horses out of polymer clay, bake them up, and decorate with a paint pen. If using them as ornaments, you’ll want to add a hole on the back (with a toothpick) before you bake them. Then add a string to their backs and hang ’em up! For gift toppers, add the giftee’s name onto the back and slip under neath the gift bow. Head over to Homedit for baking instructions and additional tips!
Dala Horse Ornaments | Francois et Moi
Dala Horse Ornaments and Gift Toppers | Francois et Moi #holiday #christmas #Swedish #diy

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