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Daily Links – 11/13/2014: Tavarez, Dez, FIFA, Bad Blake and Crazy Curt Schilling

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


Quick hits on this somewhat chilly morning in Baltimore.

Oscar Tavarez was drunk when he died in a car crash in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago. Like really, really drunk. .287 BAC means he basically drank all the alcohal in the DR that night. Sad to see the young man pass but why he ever got behind a wheel that night is beyond me.

Dez Bryant wants respect. Except in Dez’s world, respect is spelled M-O-N-E-Y. He won’t actually say that but telling the Cowboys not to test his loyalty is just a backwards way of saying, I’m not taking less because you stuck with me. Dez needs to be in Dallas.

FIFA’s investigators cleared FIFA, Qatar and Russia of all wrong doing during the World Cup bidding process. Big freakin’ surprise. Like the guy was really going to come out and say he found some irregularities. More than likely FIFA paid off the investigator with the money that Qatar and Russia paid them for the World Cup bids. Even better, the investigator stated that he didn’t feel the findings represented what he actually found! FIFA doing it big as usual…

Blake Griffin has been charged with misdemeanor battery stemming from an incident in Las Vegas. He bitched slapped some guy apparently. TMZ is on the case so you know it’s going to be obnoxious.

Curt Schilling went on an absolute tear last night on twitter. Apparently for Curt, evolution is just not a viable option. Deadspin followed along and highlighted some of the more impressive tweets. I know Curt is sick but someone needs to take his laptop, smartphone, desktop away from him at this point.

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