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Daily Grind :: The Hum, Face Test & Goodbye, Sex

By Ventipop @ventipop

I usually try to be really positive on Ventipop, but sadly, it looks like we're all gonna die.

Reports came out last week that young people no longer like sex very much. Nope. They'd rather spend time on their phones, hitting up Snapchat or Instagram or updating the Book of Face. Apparently, they'd rather be doing anything as long as it doesn't involve doing each other.

So, now it's only a matter of time before we fade into that great goodnight. It was a good run. At least, who or whatever comes after us will have a lot of photographical evidence of who and what we were. I imagine them shuffling through our pictures of food, birthday parties,  pets and of course endless selfies thinking... "What a bunch of assholes."

Let's grab a to-go cup and Grind.


BBC journalist Linda Geddes goes in search of an explanation for The Hum. Since the 1970s, people in cities around the globe have been hearing a pulsating, unexplained vibrating hum. There's an entire scientific community devoted to solving the mystery of the hum. (If this hum can drown out the voices, I'll save so much money on therapy.)

Ventipop loves innovation in design. The simpler the design, the simpler the product, the more I hit myself in the forehead shouting things like, "You're so stupid! Why didn't you think of this?!" The Rinser Toothbrush is one of those products and is available now for pre-order. (The water fountain feels nice on my bruised forehead.)

The bad ones send passwords in plaintext, the good ones can't survive a screwdiver. Experts agree, if you're using one of those increasingly popular smart Bluetooth locks, you're asking to be burglarized

We've all heard people brag, "I never forget a face." But how many people out there are truly great at remembering people's faces? Could facial recognition be a measurable talent? Researchers asked, "If most people are pretty good at recognizing faces and prosopagnosics are terrible at it...shouldn’t there be “some people on the high end”?' That's how they found "The Detectives Who Never Forget A Face". For the record, I just took the Cambridge Face Memory Test and was surprised to score 96%. Maybe I should apply to become one of London's new squad of 'super-recognizers'.

Proof! I could pick you out of a lineup. So, don't mess with me.

Proof! I could pick you out of a lineup. So, don't mess with me.

"Geese are very effectively scared by lasers, especially green lasers, even at very low power levels," says Peter Rashleigh. He and five other fourth-year mechanical engineering students have developed "Laser-Scarecrows" to scare off geese at night. (Somewhere, M. Night Shyamalan is already at work on the screenplay based on this article.)

This video is the latest installment of the interactive documentary from the good folks at "The And". The documentary has people interview their loved ones and often highlights the challenges in relationships and familial love.

Here are 18 Amazing Responses To "Why Are You Still Single?". (I always reply, "It'll happen when it's meant to be...or once this rash goes away.")

"When you’re hit on the football field, your brain may fizz like a just-opened can of soda." Well, isn't that a pleasant thought?" Did you know a woodpecker has a long tongue which wraps up and around the back of its skull? What's this got to do with football? This: "How Woodpeckers Will Save Football".

Mixtape-Coffee-Table. Yes, Please.




We close out the Daily Grind today with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes...our One for the Road is "Goodbye To Sex: A Heartfelt Eulogy".

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