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Daddy’s Home 2 (2017) Review

Posted on the 19 November 2017 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
Daddy’s Home 2 (2017) Review

Brad and Dusty now working as co-dad's must deal with having a together Christmas which also involves their very own dads as well!

I only recently caught up and watched the first film, mainly because this trailer has been around since the summer right? Ok, maybe not that long but it certainly does feel like it. I mean the first film wasn't anything special or outstanding. Therefore this film was never going to be amazing either. I will say that it seems we have been given two very similar Christmas comedies with this and Bad Moms Christmas, one male and one female which are pretty much in the same mould and style.

Kurt and Don are pretty much supposed to make everyone understand just why Dusty and Brad are the men they have become. Will they all be able to be honest with one another to be able to move on and help over the festive season? It seems as though if it wasn't for Christmas then we certainly would not have this film. The funniest parts are shown in the trailer, but actually are funnier the way it has been cut when you actually see the full scenes it is very underwhelming.

I am guessing the release date was to ensure it didn't compete with its female counterpart and obviously well away from Star Wars. I will admit that I thought the additions of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow might have just been enough to make this more than watchable. Unfortunately that was not to be when you get Gibson just laughing at everything and Lithgow well actually he just talks a lot.

The plot is not overly different to the first film when Brad and Dusty end up against each other again, we even have some of the same slapstick moments as well with another car being wrecked in a stupid moment. As I write this I am actually wondering why I even bothered to go and see this film, I honestly cannot really think about the reason now. So I am just going to blame the trailer that sucked me in!

The kids aren't really nice kids either in all honesty and you just find them annoying as the Dads and Grandads compete with one another to win. Being unsure of how to give advice and this leads to some very strange and interesting choices. Dylan being extremely confused about now noticing girls in a very different way, that leads to the two dads giving very different advice.

The Nativity play scene just has to be the worst in the whole film as well, I am pretty sure by that point it was to remind everyone it was set at Christmas. Even though we are told the countdown to Christmas Day from 6 days to go . . . Another Christmas comedy that just seems so forced and reusing jokes/scenes from the previous film with Christmas lights involved instead. Other than that and some snow nothing else is Christmasy about this film!

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