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Daas Torah Or Daas Askanim Regarding Har Habayit

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rav Elboim, a Belzer Chassid who goes up daily to har Habayit and has been doing so for many years, is in the center of a big fight.
Due to the false claims that Israel is trying to change the status quo on Har Habayit and therefore the Arabs justify killing people, the media is non-stop talking about those who go up to Har Habayit as provoking terror.
daas torah or daas askanim regarding Har HabayitThis has caused the Elboim family, a large Haredi family of Belzer hassidim who all go up regularly, to become the target of Haredi protests and attacks. The Neturei Karta have been protesting outside houses of family members of the Elboim family. Askanim have been making moves within the hassidus to pressure the Elboims to stop going up, It has even come to the point that Elboims have been physically attacked, in addition to verbal abuse.
To get to the point, the Belzer Rebbe has come to a decision, supposedly, that unless the Elboims stop, they will be thrown out of the hassidus and everything that entails, such as their children will be thrown out of the schools, and they will be thrown out of all the Belz mosdos.
source: Kooker (at this link you can hear a radio interview with Elboim about this) , Bechadrei and Kikar
for years the Elboims have been going up almost daily. Until now, the Rebbe has refused to tell the Elboims to stop, despite the Rebbe making his public proclamations as to the prohibition of going up to Har Habayit. Suddenly the Rebbe will throw Elboim out for going up? This reeks of askanim forcing daas torah according to their wishes rather than actual daas torah.
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