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D-Will Drops 50

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
D-Will drops 50Deron Williams is putting that $5 million to work. Scoring 50 points in his latest outing for Besiktas, being a leader, and still having time to tweet a little. Deron is doing it all out there. We all probably     or at least hope most of us     thought that Deron Williams would go "balls out," for the Turkish club that has invested so much in him. D-Will has some pretty good talent around him. Names like David Hawkins, Marcelus Kemp, and even Semih Erden should sound somewhat familiar to all of you international hoops buffs. Here's Deron's highlight video:

Oh ya, did I mention Semih may have broke his thumb?
No good.
On a brighter note... The NBA is still in a what seems to be never ending lockout and a constant teeter-totter of emotions and negotiations. Oh    wait, that was bad news? Yup. There's literally nothing happening. Just David Boies talking to Chris Sheridan about how stingy the owners have been, and what the next move for the players may be. (For those of you who aren't aware, David Boies was presidential candidate, Al Gore's lawyer... What's his significance? Well, now, he only controls the entire players "union," or organization.)
Sad, isn't it?
Look for the next installment of our NBA 2k12 Blog tomorrow, and maybe some lockout news... At least hopefully...
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