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D-Group Christmas Party 2015 & Maxi’s Bachelor’s Party

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

After a month of preparation - from planning to cascading all the announcements down to the actual day, finally the most awaited Annual D-Group Christmas Party has finally happened. I never thought that it will be as successful and fun as that because before that overnight swimming party, there were a lot of untoward events. Morning of December 19th, people kept on texting and calling me if we'll still push through due to the heavy rains that we've experienced. At first, I really wanted to push through because of all the effort and resources that we put for this special occasion but then the safety of everyone should come first. In my hopelessness and begging heart, I prayed to God for good weather if it is His will for us to continue this celebration. Lo and behold, by the afternoon, the rain slowly died down.

Around 7:30PM when we reached the resort, I was amazed by the place and the caretaker was very accommodating. After we transferred all our things to our bedrooms, we started preparing for our foods.

Kyle is supervising if Ian and Jenri will make it. 😀

D-Group Christmas Party 2015 Maxi’s Bachelor’s
D-Group Christmas Party 2015 Maxi’s Bachelor’s

Jenri's having a hard time firing up the charcoal and finally after almost half an hour of trying, they made it.

D-Group Christmas Party 2015 Maxi’s Bachelor’s
D-Group Christmas Party 2015 Maxi’s Bachelor’s

Around 9:00PM when people from the South started to coming in.

Even though we are three hours late from the original program plan, we still managed to fit everything in our schedule. 10PM when we officially started the program. Ian led the devotion and he shared the verse from the book of Luke 17:1-19 and this is about how Jesus healed the ten lepers. After the devotion, it's time for our favorite part - eating time.

These two photos above are taken during our second game called Pass the Drawing. The mechanics of the game was just simple, we are divided into two groups. Each group needs to fall in-line. The first person in the line needs to draw the word that whispered to him by the game master and he has ten seconds to draw it. After he drew it, he needs to show it to the person next to him in five seconds and show it again to the person next to him until it reaches the last person and the last person needs to write the word of what he saw in the last person's drawing. The group who gets the correct answer will get the point. This is one of the most fun and entertaining part of the event because who can imagine that a cat will become a rat, a cake will become a candle, a chair will become a camel and a gift will become a tic-tac-toe and a tofu?

Maxi's Bachelor's Party

Part of our plan was to give our Brother Maxi a surprise Bachelor's party because he will tie the knot on the 29th of December 2015 to his ten years girlfriend now a fiance and soon to be Mrs. Michelle Sandiko-San Agustin. Every D-12 member prepared a symbolic gift and a message for Maxi.

D-Group Christmas Party 2015 Maxi’s Bachelor’s
D-Group Christmas Party 2015 Maxi’s Bachelor’s

Congratulation in advance Mitch and Maxi!

There you go! It was a night of fun and fellowship with my brothers-in-Christ. Who would have thought that this was already our 5th year of celebrating our Christmas party together. We're not just growing in numbers but in quality as well. All these things are possible because of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the center of this group. All the highest honor, glory and praises belong to Him alone.

Happy Holiday!



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