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Cynics- Stones I've Thrown

Posted on the 18 June 2011 by Ripplemusic
Cynics- Stones I've ThrownHave you noticed how portable technology has really revolutionised the world? It is so easy,  portable and convenient, unfortunately it can make you want to hurt someone. Picture this- you have just been given a brilliant album with acoustic sounds you are pretty sure you could mimic them, so you reach for your guitar. Only to remember that you are in the library because your internet is down. It's not my laptop's fault but the rage I felt...
Stones I've Thrown was the Cynics previous release and in preparation for the release of the full length Don't Need Much it has hit my playlist and I am thankful for it! It is like a faster paced, ten times more fun version of No, Really.
One, Two, Three, Four! And we kick off with “14 Coleman St.” This sets you up for the upbeat, mood lifting music that follows. With beautiful acoustics and great vocals, it is off to a great start.
My biggest regret in life is not being born ten years ago when there was brilliant music and so much happening. The Cynics seem to agree with me! “You're Alright” is the definitely a highlight on Stones I've Thrown and seems to be sung directly to me-
“Write a list of your favorite chords, I know you love you love writing lists”
“Its better to be alone, than miss someone,
But not if you know what your missing”
For those of you who are curious, my favorite chords are
1.   G maj
2.   C maj
3.   B6
4.   B aug
5.   E min
(Feel free to tell me yours)
“Be Excellent To Each Other” continues the catchy lyrics and instrumental talent that Stones I've Thrown is showcasing.
“If our buses stop at the same time, would you stand up and wave?”
“Memorial Day” wraps it up and so warmly. You really got to love the upbeat, acoustic sounds that send vibrations through your ears.
Now, I will link you up!
You can see/hear a song from the soon to be release “Cider For Breakfast” performed here-
Download their music here-
No need to thank me.

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