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Cynergy3 SIL3 Functional Safety Incremental Encoders

Posted on the 17 January 2020 by Epreston
Cynergy3 SIL3 Functional Safety Incremental Encoders

SIL3 Functional Safety Incremental Encoders
With a robust and reliable design resulting in a wide range of secure products, which can be used in several types of configuration.

Cynergy3 SIL3 Functional Safety Incremental Encoders

Any automated system potentially poses a risk to people, property or the environment. For this reason a number of safety measures have been taken. Safety standards have been created with one thing in mind: limiting risk.

With these standards as a framework, functional safety can, after a risk analysis, provide appropriate protection. Hazards are anticipated during the system design phase and are dealt with before they occur. These standards have evolved to increase the safety level and have been applicable since 2012.

* Usable up to SIL3 and Cat.4 / PLe according to IEC 61508 / EN ISO
* Suitable for safe motor feedback according to IEC 61800-5-2
* Robustness and excellent resistance to shock and vibration
* High protection level: IP65
* High temperature performance -20°C to +85°C
* Power supply 5Vdc or 11/30Vdc
* Digital TTL/RS422 or HTL or sine/cosine 1Vpp output
* Resolutions up to 2500ppr
* 58mm encoder, solid shaft 6mm, 9.52mm or 10mm (DSM5H), and
through shaft, standard 14mm (DSO5H)
* Connector or cable output (DSM5, side output only for DSO5)
* Stainless steel version available as an option (DSM5X) - consult factory
* Adapted anti-rotation system (DSO5H)

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